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Support & Services

Individual, Family, and Community Support
We offer direct assistance to individuals and families struggling with addiction and mental health, by bridging the gaps between support and services. We offer holistic and individualized support, through helping individuals and families develop recovery plans and connecting them to resources that best align with their needs. We also facilitate compassionate interventions and offer many solutions. With the understanding that trauma is the gateway to substance use and mental health issues, our volunteers provide the missing support that is not available in traditional treatment centers. We have a heavily researched list of resources for those who are low income and/or have state insurance, as well as private insurance. We provide wraparound support from day one.

For those who want addiction resources only, and are not interested in direct support, please click here.

For mental health resources, please click here.

Community Events & Speaking Engagements
Our events draw in large crowds, and have exceeded 1,200 attendees. Past speakers have included motivational speaker and former-NFL wide receiver, Trent Shelton, County & State officials, and law enforcement leaders. We have been requested to bring our events to multiple communities, as well as speaking engagements in seminars, courtrooms, classrooms, Town Halls, assemblies, and other events. We thoughtfully consider all event and speaking engagement opportunities.

Through street outreach, we go into encampments and homeless communities offering support and services. We also reach out directly to individuals in need, as requested by family or loved ones, to offer support and services. We can do outreach virtually and in person.


A few of the many things we offer, include the following:

  • Advocacy and support in family and criminal law cases
  • Transportation to recovery, medical, judicial, services
  • Job searches, interview prep, resumes, career paths
  • Representation at recovery events, legislative processes, etc.